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Management Control Support for Startups

Our advisory service offers specialized and targeted support to young emerging businesses that wish to establish a solid foundation for effective financial management and sustainable growth. With a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the field of management control, experienced consultants offer customized assistance to address the unique challenges that startups face during the early stages of their development.

A major goal of our service is to help startups understand and efficiently manage their financial resources, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions. Consultants work closely with founders and the management team, analyzing existing financial assets and developing tailored monitoring and control tools. This process allows startups to have a clear overview of their revenues, expenses, and cash flows, enabling them to identify potential areas for improvement and make evidence-based decisions.

In addition, our consultants provide a detailed assessment of the startups' pricing strategies and market positioning. Through in-depth industry and competitive analysis, consultants identify opportunities for differentiation and value maximization for the products or services offered by the startup. This helps startups develop a competitive pricing strategy and maximize their profitability potential.

Consulting services also include the design and implementation of internal control systems. Consultants work with startups to establish processes and procedures that help ensure proper resource allocation, efficient risk management, and compliance with financial regulations and laws. These internal control systems provide a sound and structured framework for managing financial activities, enabling startups to operate in a transparent and compliant manner.

In addition, consultants provide ongoing training and support to the startup management team. Through workshops, one-on-one training sessions, and on-site support, consultants impart the skills and knowledge needed for effective financial management. This enables founders and the management team to become more financially aware and take an active role in shaping the company's financial strategies.

In summary, our consulting service "Management Control Support for Startups" offers young emerging businesses an experienced partner in financial management. Through detailed analysis, implementation of control systems and ongoing training, consultants help startups create a solid foundation for long-term growth and success. With the right support, startups can make financial decisions.