B lab consulting for startups

The Blab Team

Federico Pinizzotto

startup consultant

From an early age, my fascination with the business world led me to specialize in Sports Nutrition, Integration, and Nutrigenomics. At 23, I founded my first studio in Bologna, expanding to two more and working with athletes such as World champions, Olympic athletes, and European champions.

During this time, I became an educator for a US sports science company (NASM) and later managed women's weight loss centers in Miami. Seeking to enhance my expertise, I pursued an MBA and master's degrees, attending courses at institutions like Bocconi and Harvard online.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, I established two companies. Now, recognized for my expertise, companies, lawyers, and entrepreneurs seek my assistance in business consulting, product differentiation, strategic planning and advisory for start-ups. I co-founded B-lab Consulting, a strategic business consulting studio, with top professionals to guide entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and funds in navigating business models and offering strategic counsel.