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The Blab Team

Avv. Michele Pignata

lawyer, solicitor and startup advisor

I began the practice of law after graduation. Later, after a period spent in the specific activity, I decided to devote myself to the activity of internationalization, having had relations with foreign countries through my university colleagues and ambassadors in different countries and I.C.E. presidents.

I previously had an office in Sofia and Bucharest for several years. Currently in addition to working in Italy I have an office in Miami (USA), Brazil, Africa (Dakar, Abidjan) as well as relationships with several African countries (Burundi, Tanzania, Cameroon). I participated in the founding of ConAfrica in Milan.

I am in contact with different economic and financial realities, in particular with foreign fund for financing government projects. In Italy my firm is connected to financial advisors who finance projects on innovative, industrial, agro-industrial and other initiatives in different sectors.

In South America I am connected in Venezuela and Panama, in this country with presidency of the Republic in addition to taking care of activities in tourism, art and culture.